Southern Ohio Police Academy

Southern Ohio Police Academy

The Southern Ohio Police Academy (SOPA) is a certified Academy under the Ohio Attorney General.  In order to take the state exam, a student must pass the following areas of the curriculum:  Physical Conditioning, Firearms, Defensive Driving, Subject Control, and other academic components.


ALL CLASSES require MANDATORY attendance and MUST BE ABLE TO PASS A PHYSICAL CONDITIONING EXAM IN ORDER TO TAKE THE STATE EXAM.  Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission (OPOTC) certification can be obtained after successful course completion and passing of the state exam. Available Certifications:  ASP (Baton) Certification, Conductive Energy Device (CED), O.C. (Pepper Spray) Certification, OPOTA Certification, Radar Certification.

*Mandatory orientation held 30 to 45 days prior to start of class including a physical exam. 


718 hours; M-F (some weekends required)

Required WK scores: Math  4, Locating 4, Reading 4      5:00 pm — 9:00 pm*

*(times may vary)



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