Fire Services Training

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You Will Learn

  • Skills and knowledge needed to become employed at a firehouse
  • Science of firefighting
  • Fire prevention
  • Safety and Hazards associated with fires

Program Goals:  To familiarize the student with protective equipment, tools, and various appliances to conduct safe and efficient fire suppression activities.  Depending on the program length, the student will also be trained in hazardous materials operations, rescue techniques, fire prevention education, fire alarm systems, and more  in-depth practice and knowledge of basic subjects.

Program Objectives:  To prepare students to safely perform at the target level, and pass the appropriate state certification examination.


Upon successful completion of the training program(s) students are eligible to take the respective state certification exam(s).

To Register:

  • Complete application
  • Attend Informational Meeting (Optional)

Length of Program:

Firefighter Volunteer            36 hours

Total Cost:              $578.00

Firefighter I Transitions        124 hours

Total Cost:              $1,100.00

Firefighter I             160 hours

Total Cost:              $1,225.00

Firefighter II Transitions       90 hours

Total Cost:              $1,000.00

Fire Safety Inspector            80 hours

Total Cost:              $986.00

Fire (Public Safety) Instructor 80 hours

Total Cost:  $695.00